China's special steel products stainless steel production global proportion this year may exceed 60%

2020 China stainless steel and special alloy new materials industry high-end forum was recently held in Yancheng, Jiangsu Province, reporters learned from the forum, january-August this year, China's special steel production reached 95.57 million tons, special quality alloy steel growth of 11.2%. Stainless steel has made breakthroughs in cost control and technology. Stainless steel and special steel show high-quality development characteristics.   Stainless steel and special steel are the most value-added products in the steel industry, but also an important symbol of the steel power. Wang Weishi, secretary-general of the China Special Steel Enterprise Association, said at the forum that since the beginning of this year, China's special steel development has remained stable and the product structure has been further optimized. Wang Huaishi said: "From January to August, the output of member units is 95.57 million tons, although down 0.2% YoY, but the special quality alloy steel increased by 11.2%, the proportion of special quality alloy steel growth is very high." The total profit in January-August reached 20.17 billion yuan, and the benefits have been steadily restored. ”   
In stainless steel, in the first half of the year, China's stainless steel production decreased by 2.74% YoY, the full-year stainless steel production is expected to maintain last year's level or slightly increase. However, due to the obvious decline in production in other countries, China's stainless steel production in the global share will increase, the industry is expected to reach or even more than 60%. Song Zhigang, director of the special steel and corrosion-resistant alloy research department of the General Institute of Steel Research, said that China's stainless steel industry has made breakthroughs in many aspects. Song Zhigang said: "Our country's stainless steel through so many years of development, have their own characteristics." Our production is constantly increasing, our structure is also different from foreign countries, our process costs and high-end steel have cost control and technology breakthroughs, the promotion of applications are also constantly carried out. ”   
Of course, in high-end stainless steel, especially high alloy stainless steel research and development production and promotion of applications, China and developed countries still have a large gap, product quality stability also needs to be continuously improved. At the same time, Zhong Shaoliang, chief representative of the Beijing office of the World Steel Association, pointed out that with increasingly stringent environmental requirements around the world, as well as rising standards for downstream market user demand, China's stainless steel and special steel needs to continue to tap potential market share, effectively respond to the market competition for alternative materials.   
Facing the new situation and new difficulties, experts believe that the stainless steel and special steel industry should then promote the localization of high-end materials and new materials innovation, optimize the process of high-end varieties, strengthen upstream and downstream technology research and development and coordination. Zhang Xiaogang, director of the Standardization Work Committee of the National Federation of Industry and Commerce and honorary chairman of Zhongguancun Rust-Free and Special Alloys New Materials Industry Technology Innovation Alliance, said standard construction is also important. "China's steel industry should set up standardized thinking and promote technological innovation, management innovation and business model innovation," Zhang said. With the world's most advanced standards, to drive the restructuring of China's steel industry. Let all enterprises through the pursuit of high standards to improve their own product quality, service quality, to improve the high-quality development of China's steel industry. ”   
It is understood that China attaches great importance to the construction of standard system in the field of steel, has been issued in the field of stainless steel, "stainless steel and heat-resistant steel grade and chemical composition" and other more than 80 standards. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has previously made it clear that it will continue to promote the construction of standard systems in the field of stainless steel. Li Xinzheng, party secretary and chief engineer of the Metallurgical Industry Planning Research Institute, said the next step is not only to build up the standard, but also to use it. "We want to combine some new standards, standards to promote the advancement of the corporate industry and users, " says Mr Li. Let users and production enterprises, including research and development institutions to do together. The vitality of the standard lies in the application, not in the bundle, which is our advantage. We should pay attention to some new technologies, through standards to regulate the market, to fill the development space of our industry 

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